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Managing risk effectively isn’t just about big business, or money, or what might go wrong. It’s about people, communication, trust and opportunity.

IIRSM’s global community of 8,000 plus individuals, are not just health, safety and environment people, nor are they simply experts in quality, sustainability, nor governance, security, compliance and audit. Instead, they work in all these fields, at every level, bringing integrated risk decision making to help keep people and organisations safe, healthy and resilient.

IIRSM provides practical education, resources, sharing of experiences and networking to help people andnorganisations embrace risk to succeed in the many challenges they face. It works with businesses, public bodies, government and charities, and as an educational and membership body, are wholly independent too.

As an inclusive and diverse community, IIRSM members access richer learning and networking opportunities and are supported, whether they’re just starting out in their career or already leading the way

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