Slips Trips Falls

3 Modules

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Course Description

The eLearning outlines why slips and trips are a risk and why they can happen. It also explains the slip potential model.
It will help users:
• understand how contaminants affect slip resistance and the importance of controlling contamination
• appreciate the role of cleaning techniques and materials in accident prevention
• understand potential environmental factors and the range of interventions to minimise their impact
• understand the importance of a reporting system
• appreciate the main causes of trips and identify simple interventions to reduce them
• outline how design choices impact on the creation and management of slip and trip hazards in the workplace
• understand how design and human factors can contribute to accidents on stairs
• be aware of the relevant legislation
• know the hierarchy for slips and trips prevention, how to conduct a risk assessment, and understand the importance of effective communication

What will you learn?

Why is it vital to be aware of slips, trips, and falls?
Because they are the most common cause of work-related injury, accounting for over 40% of all reported injuries. Accidents involving slips, trips, and falls are projected to cost £800 million a year to UK businesses and the wider economy.

This online course would be classified as a General Health and Safety Training course that Safety Trainers might use to train relevant staff and employees as part of a larger Health and Safety programme. This course satisfies the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974's training requirements. It also complies with CHAS, SafeContractor, Construction Line, and other SSIP registrations plus HSE safety training requirements.

Full voiceover.
Instant access to PDF certificate on completion.

No hidden costs - includes 12-months access and unlimited assessment resits.
Meets the requirements of HSE, CHAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine, Exor, SMAS and other SSIPs.

Introduction The dangers of slips, trips and falls at work
Module 1: Responsibilities of you and your employer
Module 2: Identifying hazards
Module 3: Preventing slips, trips and falls
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