Silica Dust Awareness

3 Modules

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Course Description

Silica is a naturally occurring mineral found in a wide range of items, including those used in building, demolition, manufacturing, and masonry.

While the effects of inhaling silica dust may take years to manifest, they are permanent once they do. Even little quantities of daily exposure now can lead to life-altering disorders later in life.

Employers have a legal obligation to offer information, education, and training to their employees about any hazards they may face, including silica dust hazards. This course will help you stay in compliance with the appropriate laws.

What will you learn?

The following sections are covered in this training course:

What is silica dust, exactly?
Hazards of silica dust on one's health Responsibilities and duties of those who work with silica dust
How to do a thorough risk assessment
Detecting the danger
assessing the danger
Risk management
Make a note of the findings and go over them again.
Protective breathing equipment (RPE)
Practical methods for lowering the danger

The trainees will get knowledge of:

Where can you find silica?
Silica's health risks
Responsibilities and legal obligations
Assessing the dangers of silica dust
Controls for silicosis (silica dust)
Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

Introduction Introduction - Aims & Learning Outcomes about silica dust
Module 1 - What is silica dust? This module will teach you everything you need to know about silica dust: What exactly is silica dust?
Module 2- The effects of silica dust The effects of silica dust
Module 3 - Controlling silica dust Module 4 - Controlling Silica Dust
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